Our bakery shop in Watertown offers our full range of breakfast pastries, specialty desserts and everyday treats.


8am – 1pm

just give us a call when you get here and we’ll run your order out to you



Authentic old world pastry with flaky dough and buttery almond remonce (creamed butter and sugar) filling.

Cinnamon Brioche Braid

 Brown sugar, almonds and pastry cream rolled into a rich French brioche twist.

Icing Snail (Kanel Snegl)

Traditional cinnamon roll drizzled with vanilla icing.

Mayor Snail (Direktørsnegl)

A  towering version of our icing snail filled with dark chocolate 


Poppyseed Danish with buttery almond remonce filling.

Danish (Spandauer)

Flaky pastry dough filled with pastry cream, apple or raspberry and drizzled with vanilla icing.


 Sticky Bun

With pecans and honey.

Apple Bear Claw

With apple filling and almond slivers.


Plain, Chocolate, Almond 

and Spinach & Cheese 


Blueberry, coffee cake, raspberry almond, banana walnut, raisin bran, corn, pumpkin, chocolate chip and lemon poppyseed, and occasional seasonal specials

also available- vegan banana


Buttery scones in rotating daily flavors such as mixed berry, lemon ginger, maple walnut,  and chocolate chunk

also available for special order- vegan raisin



Almond Macaroon

Topped with slivered almonds and dark chocolate drizzle. Made without gluten.

Coconut Macaroon

Soft macaroons dipped in dark chocolate.

French Macaron

Traditional almond-based sandwich cookies filled with flavored buttercream.

mocha, lemon and raspberry

Classic American Cookies

Chocolate chip, ginger molasses, oatmeal, toffee heath, peanut butter, double chocolate.

Napoleon Hats (Napoleonshatte)

Marzipan cookie wrapped in sugar dough and dipped in dark chocolate.

Chocolate Dipped European Butter Cookie

Sandwiched tea cookies in three flavors: vanilla apricot, chocolate raspberry, mocha ganache.

Kransekage Cookie (Kartoffelkager)

Bite-sized portion of the traditional marzipan tower. Almond-based cookie dipped in chocolate and topped with icing.


 Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Classic American style with chocolate drizzle.

Seven Layer Bar

An addictive combination of coconut, chocolate chips, butterscotch, walnuts and condensed milk with a  buttery graham cracker crust

Lemon Squares

Mom’s recipe with fresh lemon curd, sugar dough crust, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Froggie Kaj Cake (Kajkage)

Colorful lemon or raspberry frog-like mini cakes made with buttercream and marzipan.



Mounds of vanilla bean meringue on an almond macaroon covered in dark chocolate. Also available covered in dark chocolate and coconut.

Raspberry Pop Tart (Hindbærsnitter)

Traditional Danish treat with sugar dough, raspberry jam, vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Rum Log (Træstammer)

Chocolate cake mixed with rum and buttercream wrapped in marzipan and dipped in chocolate.



Vanilla, lemon blueberry, chocolate, red velvet, carrot,  peanut butter, chocolate caramel, black forest.


Individual Cheesecakes

Plain , mocha and key lime 4-inch size.


Frangipane Fruit Tarts

Individual size fresh fruit tarts with Bavarian cream on a frangipane (almond) based tart shell.


Potato Cakes (Kartoffelkager)

Choux pastry shell filled with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberries, covered in cocoa-dusted marzipan made to look like a potato

French Cream Puff

Choux pastry filled with Bavarian & whipped cream, raspberries, and topped with chocolate.



Classic ganache glazed choux  éclair filled with fresh Bavarian cream 

This bakery processes a high volume of nuts and nut-based ingredients.

Please note that all products are prepared on equipment shared with tree nuts, peanuts, milk, gluten, wheat, eggs, and soy and may contain trace elements.

Retail FAQs

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards (including American Express) and cash. Sorry, no personal checks.
Cakes & Desserts

Please provide 48 hours notice for all Signature cakes and other pasteries , and we’ll make your dessert fresh to order. Custom cakes require 2 weeks’ notice and is subject to availability.

Do you ship?
While we have been known to ship certain kinds of items on occasion, it is not the main portion of our business (currently). If you live far away and are craving your favorite Danish treat, give us a call and we can discuss your options.
Where can I park?
If there is no space directly in front of our door, you can pull around the corner of our building and park in that lot. Otherwise, Calvin Road headed towards Grove Street, and on Arlington Street have spaces.
Custom Orders
For custom cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, please provide 2 weeks’ notice. Our calendar for custom orders is booked by a first come, first serve basis, and is subject to availability. Even if you call 2 weeks (or more) ahead, there is always a chance that the date has already been fully scheduled. You can still order any one of our signature items!

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